GAME Plan Reflection

Using the GAME plan model to integrate technology across the content areas has allowed me to learn more about the possibilities when using technology in the classroom. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming as a classroom teacher to be able to teach all content and still integrate technology and create lessons with activities and projects such as in PBL, collaboration, or lessons that use digital story telling. I will admit that as this unit plan began I was very unsure of how I was going to integrate these technologies into a math content area lesson, however, I am glad that I proceeded. Having the feedback of my colleagues was helpful and having the opportunity to see what my colleagues were doing in their classrooms across content areas was inspiring to me. I feel that I have learned a lot about the resources that are out there which I did not realize. This is helping me to see that technology can really be integrated into lessons even with kindergarten students, it is just a matter of finding age appropriate resources. This new learning will impact my practice because I will be able to use the new resources I have found and feel continue to search for more new resources that can be well applied to lessons with kindergarten students. I am realizing more and more what can be done, even at the primary level!

The GAME plan process is valuable to a teacher because it can be modified and used to help students. All students have learning goals and teachers have the important job of motivating students to reach these goals. Although I will have to modify the GAME plan in order to bring to very simple language, this is something I can use to help my students understand and reach their learning goals, for example if the students have a goal such as knowing all 26 sounds. I will work with the students to state the goal and we can write what “action” they will need to do to meet the goal. I will work through each part of the GAME plan at a simple level and we will revisit the plan as often as needed.

Using what I have learned I plan to continue to integrate technology on a regular basis. Because of what I have learned, an immediate adjustment I will make will be to take more challenges than I would have before and to use technology in all content areas. Before, I would never have considered using digital storytelling in a math lesson, but when I sat down to write out the lesson I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I was able to integrate such technology. I also realized many other lessons and areas that I will be able to use similar resources. For each lesson I wrote, as I was writing, I was also thinking of several other ways that I could integrate the technology in future lessons. I now realize better than ever before, even though I may be limited in some areas of integrating technology because I have such young students, there are many possibilities and resources that work better for primary students than older students!


About Nicole

Hello! My name is Nicole deMoll. I am a kindergarden teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. I started this blog as part of my graduate studies in education. I am dedicated to learning more about integrating technology into the classroom. I love teaching kindergarten and I hope to be able to share a lot throughout my adventures!
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