GAME plan update…

Both of my GAME plan goals are moving along very well and I am making progress in both areas. My first goal, incorporating technology into my daily activities and lessons with my students, is very strong. I have brought my students to the computers daily for one of the three projects we are currently doing. One project has been for research and understanding of an animal. My students were able to create a digital picture of the animal we have researched yesterday in pixie and image blender. The students were able to use what they learned from their research on to add details in the picture about the animal. I worked on this with our media specialist. We are meeting again on Monday to have the students type what fact they learned and then I will take the students to the computer lab to work in partners on a PowerPoint using the facts they have and give a citation for the information. I have also made progress in this goal because I am now using the computers daily in the students’ math centers. Each day one group is rotating to the computers to work on an activity or interactive game that reinforces what we are learning.


My second goal, to create a blog that I will regularly update that can be used to share resources, ideas, and information, is also making progress. I learned more about what most blogs do and how they are set up. I have been observing what other teachers do to maximize their blog and get the most use out of it. I have been searching around more on my current blog just to get a better feel for what is available and what I can do. I am trying to decide if I want to continue with word press, or if I want to use blogspot or another provider. My next step will be to bring creating a blog and work on it as often as I can so that I can feel for all my options. I have also been collecting ideas and resources that I would like to use to share on that blog. Overall, I am making progress and not feeling overwhelmed with meeting my goals!


About Nicole

Hello! My name is Nicole deMoll. I am a kindergarden teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. I started this blog as part of my graduate studies in education. I am dedicated to learning more about integrating technology into the classroom. I love teaching kindergarten and I hope to be able to share a lot throughout my adventures!
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4 Responses to GAME plan update…

  1. Jill Morris says:

    Hi Nicole! WOW! I am so impressed on what you are doing with your Kindergartners! That is so amazing! Do you find it difficult to manage all of your Kindergarten students during the computer lab time? I know the K teachers in my building often stick with a few websites and some basic software skills for their students. You also mentioned you have gone to the computer lab every day. Do you always have this kind of access or is it because of your project? Either way, I am thrilled to hear about all of the amazing things you are doing with your students!

    I also want to start a better blog. I did one at the beginning of the year and never really did much with it. I have hard enough time updating my website weekly with homework assignments. Do you think your blog will be mostly for parents, other educators, students or yourself? I visualize myself using a blog with older students, but I am unclear how this works with Kindergartners. How do you visualize your blog? Did you every decide which host site you like the best? I would love to hear your thoughts!

    Great Job Nicole! You truly inspire me to do more with my 6th graders after seeing what you have Kindergartners do! I appreciate your great ideas!


  2. seanbosley says:

    I have had little success with my classroom blog. I enjoyed making it but have not kept up with it because I got little response to it. I tried to offer extra credit by asking questions and giving points for the response but I did not get very much activity. I have some teachers who don’t even use a newsletter since they put everything on their blog. They use it daily as a homework hotline.

    I have enjoyed using power point with my students they are working on uploading them to and then they have the opportunity to respond to each other and share their work.

    I am trying to use my 4 classroom computers daily but I am not always successful. I am glad to hear you are using yours daily.

    Keep up the good work,

    Sean Bosley

  3. Judy Spears says:

    Judy to Nicole-

    I am amazed at how much you are doing with your kindergarten class! I know the kindergarteners at our school do a program daily called Breakthrough to Literacy. It is a reading program that the district has bought into. I think it is great that you have your students using the computer to research at such an early age. I had never heard of the sources you mentioned so I looked them up. I love the Pebblego. It is a great way to get young students involved in research when their reading level is too low for the standard Internet search! I plan to introduce it to our administration to see if we can get involved. I think you have a good grasp of what you want to do and are well on your way with this plan.

    I created a blog with my third graders and they love it. It gives them to opportunity to express themselves. With the experience your kindergarteners have with computers already I think they will like it. I know I created my personal blog with Blogspot which is blocked by our school district; something to check on before you create a blog. I had to resort to the blog that is available on our class webpage. It works but I cannot change the layout or design. I think you know what you want and are well on your way to achieving your GAME plan goal. Good luck with it and I look forward to seeing what your students produce!

    -Judy Spears

  4. Koreen Humphries says:

    Koreen to Nicole-

    I love that you are moving forward so confidently with integrating technology into your classroom. It sounds like you have a lot of projects going and are giving students an authentic experience to look back on.
    One area that my sons Kindergarten teacher uses her blog is to post homework logs, high frequency word cards, and other home resources for parents to print. This has helped save on printing and paper at school. I appreciate being able to log on and print what I need and not rely on my Kindergartener to transport papers back and forth (we all know how that can go). I would like to implement something like that next year with my homework. THere are so many spelling, math, and reading sites that I wonder if homework could go completely paperless?
    I like your project doing digital pictures using pixie and image blender. I am not familiar with either or pebble but I want to check them out and see if I could use something like that for our Non-Fiction reports coming up. Good Luck and thanks for the idea.
    Koreen Humphries

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