It is said that…

It is said that if you expect to follow through with your goals, you need to write it all out. I also think that in addition to writing my goals and my GAME plan from my last post, It only makes sense for me to now explain how I plan to carry out the steps and the resources needed. My first goal (most simply put) is focused on integrating technology into daily and weekly lesson plans (beyond students using software during independent centers). This requires the resources of knowledgeable colleagues who can discuss and offer advice and ideas on how to integrate technology. I have already began working closely with two colleagues who fit this description, my team leader (also getting a technology based Masters and very knowledgeable on how to integrate technology into our curriculum) and our media specialist who has been using technology throughout the year with my students on a limited basis. I have been keeping a folder to save lessons, ideas, and activities that integrate technology that have come from my team leader. I am now beginning to work closely with our media specialist (more when Maryland State testing is finished next week) in order to begin co-teaching with my students on a research project. I will be able to learn and become more confident with how to lead my kinder students on the computers by co-teaching with a teacher who has experience introducing such technology to young students. This has inspired me to begin planning the next project I will do with my students using the mobile lab. I plan to begin this when we finish the research projects!

The next goal I have is to create a blog that I will update weekly and use to communicate resources, ideas, materials, technology, etc, with other primary teachers. I am still considering and exploring the options to also use the same blog (or a different blog) to communicate with other kindergarten classes or even parents. In my current situation I would not use it to communicate with parents because our school population is low income and the vast majority of parents do not have computers and if they have computers they do not usually have internet. The materials I will need are simply the internet and time to explore multiple types of blogs that are set up similar to what I am thinking. I have began looking at several blogs of primary and technology teachers. Some that I have been “studying” and following are:

To name a few! I will need to really observe and follow these blogs for a few weeks in order to get an idea for I really like and the set up that makes the most sense to me. I will then begin to set up a blog and create it to my own liking. I will first start slow and simply put up some ideas, but I hope to learn how to attach resources and files, etc. This goal is both very exciting and overwhelming for me, so I really want to take time to see how others do it so that I can make it right and reach my goal!


About Nicole

Hello! My name is Nicole deMoll. I am a kindergarden teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. I started this blog as part of my graduate studies in education. I am dedicated to learning more about integrating technology into the classroom. I love teaching kindergarten and I hope to be able to share a lot throughout my adventures!
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2 Responses to It is said that…

  1. Judy Spears says:

    It seems as though you have put a lot of thought into your plan. It is great that there are other teachers in your school that can work with you on your technology implementation. Unfortunately there are only two other people in my school with some technology background. One teacher earned her master’s in technology integration several years ago and when we talk she feels like she is really in the dark because she has not kept up with the changes. Our media specialist has some basic knowledge but does not have the deeper understanding needed to implement. Together however, we have created some plans. I am hoping to work together to guide more teachers to integrate more technology into their lessons.

    I like your idea of keeping a separate blog for yourself to keep up and share ideas with other teachers. I know I cannot use one for parent communication either because only a few of my students have Internet. However, it may be a great way to communicate with teachers, especially those outside of your school building. I would like to know how that goes for you. Good luck with your plan!

    Judy Spears

    • Nicole says:


      thanks for the comments. I am a little bit overwhelmed by the idea of my blog, but I am also very very excited about it, because I love looking at other blogs and getting ideas. Also, I think it could be a great way for me to share my passion for teaching and show my creative side at the same time.

      Even though you only two people in your school building who are into technology integration, it is really great that you are using the resources you have and making the effort to work with them! Good luck!

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