Get in the GAME

In order to “get in the game” with integrating technology into the classroom I realize that it is important to evaluate my skills and take a look at my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to using technology with my students. After reviewing ISTE’s technology standards for teachers (NETS-T) via I was able to identify areas I felt confident as well as areas that need improvement.


I feel that the two standards that are my weaknesses are 1. Design and Develop Digital Age Learning

Experiences and Assessments and 2. Model Digital Age Work and Learning. My GAME plan for creating digital learning experiences and assessments is pretty straight forward but very important. My goal will be will take to make sure this happens will be to dedicate one planning session each week to plan an integrated lesson for the following week. I will use the internet to try, find, and practice new activities/programs/and technology that would be appropriate for kindergarten students. I will also work and talk often and closely with colleagues that are also driven to integrate technology into lessons such as my team leader and the media specialist. This will allow me to collaborate and hear new ideas and become motivated to try new things. I will monitor my progress by keeping a record and folder of plans of what I am implementing each week. I can use this to evaluate my lessons and if I am staying true to my goal.



My GAME plan for modeling digital work and learning will involve a lot of dedication focus. My goal will be to discover and confidently use at least two new programs or types of technology on a regular basis. One thing that I would really love to eventually do would be to create a new blog that is interactive and dedicated to sharing teaching ideas. I may eventually use this blog to create this, but I love going to other teacher’s blogs and finding ideas and resources. I would love to be able to offer resources, links, and ideas of how to integrate technology via my own teaching blog that I would essentially update regularly. I always feel so motivated when I visit these other beautiful teacher blogs. So my goal would be to become extra blog-savvy and also become well versed and confident in at least one other type of new technology. In order to achieve these goals I will have to find and expose myself to new technologies. I will have to look at many teacher blogs and inquire when I don’t understand how something works or what to do. I will also have to speak to colleagues in order to learn more about the technology that I do not yet know about or understand. I will need to spend time just learning and playing around with different types of programs and technology. Once I have come to an understanding I will have to work hard to commit to updating and interacting with said technology on a weekly or even daily basis. I can monitor this by creating check points, such as by the end of May, I would like to have chosen my types of technology and by June I would like to have began posting to my teaching blog regularly. By July, I would like to be posting some simple links. At each check point I will reevaluate and see if there is a need to change my timeline.


Taking time to work on my weaknesses will take some work and dedication, but I will be able to increase my knowledge and confidence with using technology in the classroom. I will become more comfortable with integrating technology into my lessons, and therefore I will be likely to use technology more often. This will benefit my students now and in the future!




About Nicole

Hello! My name is Nicole deMoll. I am a kindergarden teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. I started this blog as part of my graduate studies in education. I am dedicated to learning more about integrating technology into the classroom. I love teaching kindergarten and I hope to be able to share a lot throughout my adventures!
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2 Responses to Get in the GAME

  1. Jill Morris says:

    Hi Nicole! It sounds like you have similar goals that I have. I too want to improve my technology skills. I like how you set aside time each week to accomplish this goal. I often make goals, but then find I don’t have time to accomplish them. I think it is great that you are setting aside the time to be successful. What kind of technology are you planning on exploring? Are you looking more for Internet tools, hardware, or software from your computer? I think you will want to start small, otherwise, I think you may become overwhelmed. I know I would and often do!

    I also want to be more blog savvy. Do you want to use the blog as a tool to communicate with other educators or parents or both? I see the potential of using blogs. I am curious how you would like to use it as a Kindergarten teacher.

    I do think you have proven how important technology can be for educators at every grade level. You have two great GAME plans. Good luck in your implementation!

    -Jill Morris

  2. Nicole,
    I like your GAME plan and I’m sure incorporating an interactive blog in your classroom will be a great way for students to learn a new form of communication and build excitement. Is your blog going to be more geared towards just your use or your students as well? Is it going to be just for communication between teachers or would you set it up so that your students can be involved as well?

    Who is your planning session going to be with? Do you have a good team that you work with at school? Collaboration is so important. I’m fortunate enough to work with a very supportive group of people who are very willing to share all of their knowledge. I have learned so many useful things by just sharing my thoughts with my colleagues. They have then offered their own ideas or ways that they have done it in their classroom and it has really helped me mold and adapt my lessons to be more successful.


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