Time to Reflect!

It is always important to take time as an educator to step back and reflect. I find myself with many important personal reflections as I look back on my most recent graduate course on learning theory, instruction, and technology. The first week of the course I was able to take time to think about my personal theory of learning. I proclaimed that I believed strongly in the theory of multiple intelligences, and constructivism. Although this is mainly still true, some additional thoughts and improvements now join my personal theory of learning.
I have learned now that the theory that is more accurate in the classroom is not as much constructivism but rather constructionism. I now have a better understanding of this theory which will help me to use it more effectively in the classroom. In addition, I now understand more about how to incorporate different types of technology and technology tools into any of the learning theories I’ve learned about.
I will now begin integrating more technology into my regular classroom practices by using many of the strategies and technology tools given in this class. I plan to use more concept mapping and graphic organizers using some of the online programs and software programs such as Kidspiration. I also plan to use VoiceThread more actively in my classroom because this is something that can be well integrated into many strategies and age appropriate activities in my classroom. This class has allowed me to greatly expand my knowledge of instructional skills (and tools) which will allow me to create many more engaging lessons for my students.
Two goals I have for improving my instructional practice are integrating student-used technology into my lessons on a weekly basis, and creating a long-term activity or project using technology with my students. In order to do this I will need to practice using many different types of technology and tools, even if I am not fully familiar with them. I will need to carefully plan new lessons integrating this technology and when I teach the lessons I will need to take notes and actively reflect upon what worked and did not work so that I can improve the technology integration of the lesson. I hope to move forward in a way that will allow me to improve as a teacher and help my students through the integration of new technology.


About Nicole

Hello! My name is Nicole deMoll. I am a kindergarden teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. I started this blog as part of my graduate studies in education. I am dedicated to learning more about integrating technology into the classroom. I love teaching kindergarten and I hope to be able to share a lot throughout my adventures!
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